By Benjie Cuaresma

During her directional meeting on Tuesday, July 11, 2023, Mayor Honey Lacuna of Manila expressed her desire for all City Government heads in Manila to prepare their own accomplishment reports especially on health in her first State of the City Address for the year 2023.

Mayor Lacuna, the first woman Chief Executive of Manila, emphasized the importance of regular checkups to prevent potential illnesses, given her background as a doctor.

She discovered that several departments and bureaus had not ensured that all their personnel underwent checkups.

Although free medical checkups were offered to city government employees, not all of them have taken advantage of the services provided.

Mayor Lacuna expressed her sadness regarding instances where employees and even officials of the city have passed away unexpectedly due to illnesses that could have been detected earlier.

Mayor Lacuna firmly believes in the saying “Health Is Wealth” and asserts that if city workers are healthy, they will be able to provide better services for the residents and the city as a whole. (AI/MNM)